Making Wax Bullets for Indoor Shooting

For those of us who love to shoot, both hot and cold weather can really slow us down. And ammunition can be costly. Reloading your own ammo can help with the cost, but did you know that you can load wax bullets for indoor shooting? Especially when living in Vegas, it’s extremely hot in the summer and fall. Shooting indoors makes a ton of sense.

I began reloading myself to reduce shooting costs. When I was younger growing up in Pennsylvania, my father and brother taught me how to shoot in our basement, using wax bullets. The problem now is that I didn’t have my father’s recipe; I didn’t even know where to find it. Internet searches gave me bullets of paraffin wax. But paraffin gums up the bore, making clean up a real mess.

wax-bulletsOne day while talking to a neighbor about reloading, he told me that his father-in-law had reloaded his own ammo. He had inherited the supplies after his father-in-laws death, and offered them to me. In the boxes of supplies was a copy of the 42nd edition of Lyman Reloader’s handbook (copyright 1960.) The book contained an article titled “Wax Bullets” by Charles M. Heard. The article described the formula for wax bullets as well as proper case preparation. Back then there wasn’t anything like Facebook or LinkedIn to meet up with your favorite writers — it was all about buying the book and digging in manually.

This formula is softer than straight paraffin, and includes grease to keep the barrel lubricated. This is the process that I now use to make my wax bullets:

Wax Bullet Recipe

1lb paraffin from a grocery store
¼lb beeswax from a crafts store
1/8lb water pump grease or lubriplate no. 115 grease
1 flat pan or cake pan
1 old pot or double boiler to melt the wax

The pan needs to be marked for the wax depth. Mark a ½ inch line from the bottom for .38s, and a 5/8 inch line for .44s and.45s. The bottom of the pan needs to be flat for the wax to be a consistent thickness.

Heat the paraffin and beeswax in the pot or double boiler over medium heat. Once the wax mixture has melted, add in the grease slowly. Stir frequently until the grease has mixed in to keep it from lumping. Take the pot and pour the mix into the pan. The pan should be sitting on a flat level surface. Do not bump or move the pan, this will cause an uneven surface on the mixture. When the pan has cooled, flex the bottom and sides to remove the wax sheet.

Preparing the cartridge case

Drill out the flash hole on the case. Use a 3/32 inch bit for .38 caliber cases and a 1/8 inch bit for .44 or .45 caliber cases. This prevents the primer from being pushed and causing a jam. Resize the case. Since the case can only be used for wax, it would be a good idea to mark it.

Loading the cartridge

Set the wax sheet on a hard clean surface. Push the unprimed case into the wax. Seat the primer without using any primer. This is to keep air out of the wax.
This should get you up and shooting even in the coldest months. Always use safety precautions when reloading and happy shooting.

Longboarders Required to Wear Helmets Now

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal in February of 2014, Senator Ben Harden introduced a bill that would make it unlawful for young people to ride long boards without a helmet. Long boards are a type of skateboard, yet they are a little bit different than traditional skateboards. To describe a long board in simple terms think of it this way, if you have seen a skateboard before, then a long board is simply a longer version of a traditional skateboard. Usually long boards range anywhere from 33 to 59 inches long and anywhere from 9 to 10 inches long.

The purpose of long boards tends to also be different than that of traditional skateboards. Boarders use these longer boards as a means of transportation, cruising, sliding, downhill racing, and slalom racing. That’s right, young people are using these variant skateboards as a means to get around. A few facts about long boards they ride with much looser trucks than traditional skateboards, this enables the rider to maneuver the board much easier. Mid top skate shoes are the ideal shoe type to use due to the tight combination of flexibility and support inherently offered by these type of shoes. That is why long boards are perfect for commuting to and from location, or just longboard_dancingcruising. Levels of faster speed also make them better for transport.

On the other hand traditional skateboards are much shorter in length and width. Instead traditional boards are only 28 to 33 inches long and 7 to 10.5 inches wide. Traditional skateboards are built differently than long boards as they contain a concave (a curved dip in the board) that enables the rider to perform tricks, leans, and jumps.

For those who are not familiar with long boards and traditional skateboards it is easy to get the facts confused. A common misconception surrounding the two varieties of boards; is that most people believe that skateboards are for tricks, and that long boards are just for cruising, this is not true. While more tricks are performed on traditional skateboards they can also be performed on long boards just different tricks and in different maneuvers. Please understand that long boards can be used for tricks, but they are still more commonly used for transport and cruising.

Reviewing the Longboard Helmet Law

So where does the law come in? Why the bill to make it unlawful to ride long boards without a helmet? Senator Harden said that he was in fact introducing this bill because of an incident that involved a neighbor’s child getting injured. This could have happened for many reasons: poor weather, inadequate training, complicated moves, poor equipment, etc. The senator’s main reason for introducing this bill is to prevent further and more serious suffering to young people. There is no doubt that the incident involving the neighbor’s child did have a great impact on the Senator.

Looking at the facts maybe Senator Harden has good reason to introduce such a bill. This bill would also fine any parents of a child under the age of 18 $10 for riding without a helmet. In turn skate shops would be required to make helmets available to long board renters. Remember that long boards are being used by young people as a means of transport. When we drive cars we have to wear seat belts as a safety precaution, so why not require it of our young people who could very well encounter unforeseen situations while in transport?

Plus long boards are bigger and reach higher speeds. So with that in mind it is only plausible that it should be unlawful for long boarders to ride without helmets, it could mean the difference between small or serious injuries for them. As the years have passed other states have tried to get laws pass to require skateboarders and long boarders to wear helmets. We cannot say whether or not such bills will become normal, but one thing is for sure the more accidents happen, the more likely such bills are to be passed. Let’s hope for the sake of our young people this happens sooner than later.


Nevada offers photography opportunities aplenty.

Nevada is famous all around the world for its very hot weather. People living in the Northeast and other people accustomed to warm and humid weather may enjoy the dry heat that Nevada has to offer visitors and residents. Nevada has only gotten warmer with time, and this specific summer has been particularly warm. People that love the heat and can’t take the cold are especially encouraged to check out Nevada for themselves. It may change the way they feel about summer in general. Traveling in Nevada is truly a unique experience in more ways than one, and it is important to be prepared.

The best work boots to use in moist environments are different from the best work boots to use in hot and dry environments. People that are enjoying the Nevada outdoors should still be wearing sturdy work boots that provide some protection from the elements, but work boots that don’t breathe will well quickly leave wearers feeling hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. Visitors should also avoid choosing work boots that are too heavy, since they will also tend to be overly warm and uncomfortable. There are a wide range of work boots that will function well in the Nevada environment. It’s all about choosing the right ones. You can go here to get an idea of what people are looking for in the best work boot for different climates. People that plan to be outdoors for long periods of time in Nevada should test some of their work boots in advance and break them in first.

Many people that go to visit Nevada go to Las Vegas, an area dominated by artificial lights and famous hotels. Nevada is so famous for Las Vegas and similar locations that people sometimes forget about all of the natural beauty that Nevada has to offer. When visiting Nevada, people will get to experience all of the harsh loveliness of desert landscapes for themselves. The grand, sweeping outdoor deserts of Nevada form a stark contrast to what people see in Las Vegas.

The desert is a flat area that seems to stretch as far as the eye can see. Photographers can feel as if they are the only people in the world, which can change the nature of their artistic visions. The sandy area with only small amounts of token plant life has a certain purity to it, which can look stunning on film. There isn’t very much animal life in desert landscapes, at least compared to jungle and even forest landscapes, which can make the desert seem very quiet and peaceful by comparison. With only a few cars passing by here and there, photographers can be alone with their own thoughts.

Clouds and rock formations create great shading and values, which can make for dramatic photographs. The flat desert only serves to make the sky look bigger, more imposing, and more limitless, which is one reason that the empty sky looks even more impressive when viewed from the vantage point of the desert. It’s no wonder than many photographers go to the desert for inspiration, and they come back with photo albums full of artistic memories. You can find some online photography courses on sites like this to really help you capture the essence of what makes Nevada so beautiful.

Acquiring Your Fishing License in Nevada

Nevada is home to over 200 lakes and reservoirs, as well as 600 streams and rivers. This provides the state with 400,000 surface acres of opportune fishing grounds.

Echo-Canyon-Resevoir-11The state is definitely full of beautiful contrast – from the alpine lakes in Elko’s Ruby Mountains, to the dry desert lakes near Hawthorne and Las Vegas. You can find the beautiful waters of Lake Tahoe in Nevada, as well as man-made reservoirs in a variety of sizes. There is tons of fishable waters to be enjoyed in Nevada.

Just like the varying topography, there are hundreds of different fish species available. Mountain whitefish, redband trout, bull trout, Yellowstone cutthroat, Bonneville cutthroat, you name it! If you are looking for striped bass or black bass fisheries, then head down to Lake Mead and Lake Mohave for your fair share.

Or, fish just miles from your home. You can find a wide range of urban ponds and lakes within or around the cities and towns of Nevada. Check out our various fishing links to find out more, including ones to finding the best baitcasting reels, including our highly recommended and sought after Abu Garcia Pro Max, a quality baitcaster that many in Nevada turn to when going after bluefish and striped bass.

As you probably already know, a valid fishing license is required to fish within Nevada, and you must also acquire a “use stamp” if you are going to be fishing form a boat. Trout also require a “trout stamp”. Get these various licenses from marinas and bait and tackle shops, or purchase them online at Nevada Department of Licensing. If you have a child under 14, then they do not require a license.

Fees for Licensing in Nevada

Resident fees in Nevada:-

  • 16 or older – 30 Regular Fishing License – $29.00-
  • 12 – 15 years of age – 31 Junior Fishing License – $13.00-
  • 65 years of age or older with 5 years of residency – 32 Senior Fishing License – $13.00-
  • For Nevada residents with proof of active duty outside of Nevada – 33 Serviceman’s Fishing License – $9.00-
  • Require to fish the Colorado River, Lakes Mead and Mohave with a NV license – 40.01 Nevada Stamp – $3.00-
  • 12 years and older who take or possess trout – 40.05
  • Nevada Trout Stamp – $10.00

While at Lake Mead and Lake Mohave, you can find Largemouth bass, Striped bass, catfish, crappie, blue kill, and rainbow trout.

Rules: If you have a “Second rod stamp” along with your fishing license, then you may can fish with a second hook, line and rod. It is prohibited to have more than three baited hooks, fly hooks, lures or plugs on a single line. You are allowed to fish day or night, and can take 10 daily trout from streams and 5 from lakes, with no size limit. You cannot use fish, amphibians or roe for bait, and cannot clean your catch in the water.

Take your time and enjoy the scenery while in Nevada. It isn’t always about glitz and glamour and while Nevada does lack water and is the driest state in the country, enjoy what Nevada has to offer by visiting their watering holes and catching a few fish in the process.

Are air rifles legal to carry in Nevada?

In the past, mentioning air guns would automatically make you conjure images of children roaming the neighborhood with their Daisy Red Riders and terrified stray cats running for their lives. Air guns, in those days, were nothing more than toys. These guns were not considered dangerous and could only manage to hurt the victim if the shooting took place from a very short range, and the person with the rifle managed to shoot the eye or another sensitive area of the body.

More powerful air guns were also available but their cost and the dangers associated with them usually kept them out of the reach of youngsters. Presently, there is a wide range of powerful air guns available at very reasonable prices. These rifles are available in a variety of power levels. The air gun operates in one of four ways in order to shoot the pellet out of the barrel.

The most widely sold version of the air gun, which is easily available at any departmental store, is the multi-pump pneumatics. These guns are made of plastic and metal and are able to shoot out pellets up to 650 fps. The rifle has pumps that pressurize the internal chamber holding the air. When the trigger is pulled, the pressurized air is released. It forces the pellet into the barrel, then out of the gun. These multi-pump rifles are usually the first choice of young shooters. It must, however, be kept in mind that these guns are also very dangerous and should be supervised by an adult.

Another powerful air rifle is the CO2 powered one. These guns are very simple in design. They offer a great combination of power, cost and accuracy. A tiny CO2 air tank is inserted into the gun and sealed. After the sealing screws are tightened, they puncture a tiny hole in the neck of the tank. This releases the pressurized CO2 inside the gun. Once the trigger is pulled, a small amount of this gas is released which forces the pellet into the barrel. The arrangement is extremely simple and offers an affordable form of air gunning experience.

Another one of the most powerful air guns is the break barrel springer. In these kinds of guns the receiver and the barrel are mated together. This allows the user to break the barrel in order to cock the gun. The action resembles the loading of a shotgun. There is a cocking arm attached to the barrel. When the barrel breaks and is pulled in the direction of the stock, the cocking arm compresses a spring inside the receiver. When the spring is compressed and cocked, the pellet is loaded into its port. The barrel returns to its normal position and the rifle becomes ready to fire. When the user pulls the trigger, the coiled spring is released and uncompressed pushing the piston forward which compresses the air inside the receiver. From there it is forced down the barrel, shooting the pellet outward.

These air guns are extremely powerful and can, in certain circumstances, rival a regular gun. They can also kill small animals within a range of 60 yards. These guns are not within the realm of youngsters, and should only be allowed under constant adult supervision.

The PCP or the Precharged Pneumatic Air Rifle is the high-end of air gun power. It is the most powerful and accurate air gun currently available. These guns are also very dangerous and should only be handled by mature and experienced people.

As per the laws applicable in Nevada, people can buy and keep air rifles. If your local vendor refuses you to sell an air rifle, you may tell him that it is against federal regulations to impose these restrictions.

The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act

The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act first went into effect on December 8th, 2006; ten days after receiving approval from the Nevada Supreme Court. The law specifically prohibits the use of tobacco products in almost all public places and places of employment. The State, District or County health boards, along with local law enforcement officials are tasked with enforcing the tobacco ban.

Reasons for Initiated Act

Nevada_No_Smoke_LogoDark_NRS_BlueThe most often cited reason for passage of The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act is to ensure public health and safety. The primary danger to public health lies in secondhand smoke also referred to as environmental tobacco smoke. Secondhand smoke is actually a combination of smoke arising from the lit end of a cigarette, cigar or pipe and the smoke exhaled by smokers. Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency state that tobacco smoke, along with secondhand smoke, contains more than four thousand substances, including many that have been shown to be carcinogenic, that is; they are known to cause cancer in humans. In 2006, the United States Surgeon General released a comprehensive report concluding that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits the use of tobacco products in almost all indoor places of employment. This includes public or government buildings, public and private schools and their grounds, child care facilities, all areas of grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores and indoor areas within restaurants – including those within casinos or other gaming establishments. Smoking is also banned in shopping malls, retail establishments, video arcades and movie theaters. Any slot machine area within a grocery or convenience store is considered, first and foremost, a part of that establishment and the use of tobacco products is not allowed. This act makes it difficult for aforementioned establishments to continue their viability and certain cigar institutions and stores will no longer get the business they once did. Cigar lighters, humidors, cutters and other accessories plus cigar bars and establishments will be affected the most by this act.

Exclusions to Act

However, the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act does not apply to the gaming area of casinos. Smoking and the use of tobacco products is allowed in these areas. A casino operator, if they wish, may designate separate rooms as nonsmoking or allocate portions of the gaming area to be tobacco free. Many casinos now have smoke free poker rooms and even nonsmoking slot areas. Any area of the casino that is not fully within the gaming area is required to be smoke-free. This includes any restaurants, bars, shopping malls, concert halls, theaters, retail stores or convention areas.

As previously noted, all indoor areas of restaurants must be tobacco free as well as any restaurant within a gaming establishment. However, if the restaurant does contain an outdoor area or patio, smoking may be allowed within that outdoor area. Stand alone bars, taverns or lounges which prohibit patrons under the age of twenty-one from entering may also allow smoking and the use of tobacco products.

The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act does specifically state that smoking is permitted in areas within casinos where loitering by minors is already prohibited by state law pursuant to NRS 463.350. Also, a completely enclosed area in a stand-alone bar, tavern or saloon that does not admit minors onto the premises may be designated a smoking area. The use of tobacco products is also permitted in age-restricted, stand alone bars, taverns and saloons, strip clubs and brothels, retail tobacco stores and private residences.

Other Alterations and Amendments to Act

Smoking is allowed in a private residence that serves as an office or workplace, unless it is used as a child care, adult day care or health care facility. An area within a convention facility which is hosting a meeting or trade show, may allow smoking during the time the meeting or trade show is being held, if the meeting or trade show is not open to the public, is being organized or produced by a tobacco related business or a professional association for convenience stores and involves the display of tobacco products. An example would be a cigar convention that organizes high quality cigar humidors and smoking may be a necessary act to convince individuals.

Be aware that city, county or town governments may enact tougher, more restrictive laws against smoking and the use of tobacco products if they so choose. Remember also, even if an establishment allows you to smoke or use tobacco in a tobacco free or smoke free area, you are still in violation of the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act and you may be subject to applicable penalties.

Whitney Mesa Recreation Area Expansion and Revamp

On Feburary 7th, 2014, we, at Pace Industries built the Whitney Mesa Recreation Area, and we’re pleased to be honored with the prestigious Award for Excellence in Construction by the Associated Builders and Contractors Chapter. Pace Contracting and Helix Electric were the two biggest components in completing the Whitney Mesa Recreation Area. At Pace, we’re honored to be recognized for our construction skills, innovation, and creativity we use on a daily basis to make wonderful projects come to life. Our team was proud to receive the recognition they deserve for going above and beyond typical expectations in construction.

What The Project Consisted Of

whitney-signageThe Whitney Mesa Recreation Area was a 15.1 million dollar project. It was designed by the JW Zunino Landscape Architecture company, Slater Hanifan Group, and TJK Consulting Engineers. The project has exuberant features such as exhibits honoring the Native American heritage in the City of Henderson (the city which the project was built for), rock restoration, native re-vegetation, and an extensive trail system. Our 38-acre recreation site redid all diminished and destroyed areas of the large 160 acre site. Along with the natural additions, there was modern recreational sites added, such as a customized stone amphitheater for outdoor performances, concrete and asphalt layering, a complex, Olympic BMX course, parking areas, concession buildings, restrooms, a day camp facility, and tennis courts.

This recreation park was built over varying topography, and nicely done to fit the natural area. Pace went further than the contract expected us to by painting screen walls on the mesa cliffs to completely eliminate graffiti. Pace erased damage that was already there prior to construction. To reduce this graffiti, we had to use a number of quality Makita belt sanders we bought online to complete the job within the time frame allowed.

The project brought many challenges for us to face, including us stumbling upon unexpected sources of underground water, which eventually led us to work with engineers to clear the new amphitheater of water that had flooded into it and redesign the area to fit the unexpected, underground water pockets. A stream had to be damned and blocked in order to form a trail.

The stream was originally thought to be seasonal, but when we discovered that it wasn’t, the trails flooded. Flooding was a very common occurrence during the building of the Whitney Mesa Recreation Area. Adjustments had to be made throughout the entire building process.

“The Whitney Mesa’s beauty has been maintained even throughout the construction of the new recreational park. The Whitney Mesa Recreational Park preserves the natural beauty and integrity of Whitney Mesa.” Henderson City Manager Ronald Jacobs stated.
The funding for the Whitney Mesa Recreational Park was provided by the Bureau of Land Management.

The website we located the belt sanders for the big part of the job was which gave an awesome breakdown of the top ones to choose from. Finding the right power tools to complete a job was instrumental in getting the job done in a quick manner. Interviewing and hiring top performers was also important because we wanted workers who are motivated and dedicated to getting the job done.