The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act

The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act first went into effect on December 8th, 2006; ten days after receiving approval from the Nevada Supreme Court. The law specifically prohibits the use of tobacco products in almost all public places and places of employment. The State, District or County health boards, along with local law enforcement officials are tasked with enforcing the tobacco ban.

Reasons for Initiated Act

Nevada_No_Smoke_LogoDark_NRS_BlueThe most often cited reason for passage of The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act is to ensure public health and safety. The primary danger to public health lies in secondhand smoke also referred to as environmental tobacco smoke. Secondhand smoke is actually a combination of smoke arising from the lit end of a cigarette, cigar or pipe and the smoke exhaled by smokers. Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency state that tobacco smoke, along with secondhand smoke, contains more than four thousand substances, including many that have been shown to be carcinogenic, that is; they are known to cause cancer in humans. In 2006, the United States Surgeon General released a comprehensive report concluding that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits the use of tobacco products in almost all indoor places of employment. This includes public or government buildings, public and private schools and their grounds, child care facilities, all areas of grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores and indoor areas within restaurants – including those within casinos or other gaming establishments. Smoking is also banned in shopping malls, retail establishments, video arcades and movie theaters. Any slot machine area within a grocery or convenience store is considered, first and foremost, a part of that establishment and the use of tobacco products is not allowed. This act makes it difficult for aforementioned establishments to continue their viability and certain cigar institutions and stores will no longer get the business they once did. Cigar lighters, humidors, cutters and other accessories plus cigar bars and establishments will be affected the most by this act.

Exclusions to Act

However, the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act does not apply to the gaming area of casinos. Smoking and the use of tobacco products is allowed in these areas. A casino operator, if they wish, may designate separate rooms as nonsmoking or allocate portions of the gaming area to be tobacco free. Many casinos now have smoke free poker rooms and even nonsmoking slot areas. Any area of the casino that is not fully within the gaming area is required to be smoke-free. This includes any restaurants, bars, shopping malls, concert halls, theaters, retail stores or convention areas.

As previously noted, all indoor areas of restaurants must be tobacco free as well as any restaurant within a gaming establishment. However, if the restaurant does contain an outdoor area or patio, smoking may be allowed within that outdoor area. Stand alone bars, taverns or lounges which prohibit patrons under the age of twenty-one from entering may also allow smoking and the use of tobacco products.

The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act does specifically state that smoking is permitted in areas within casinos where loitering by minors is already prohibited by state law pursuant to NRS 463.350. Also, a completely enclosed area in a stand-alone bar, tavern or saloon that does not admit minors onto the premises may be designated a smoking area. The use of tobacco products is also permitted in age-restricted, stand alone bars, taverns and saloons, strip clubs and brothels, retail tobacco stores and private residences.

Other Alterations and Amendments to Act

Smoking is allowed in a private residence that serves as an office or workplace, unless it is used as a child care, adult day care or health care facility. An area within a convention facility which is hosting a meeting or trade show, may allow smoking during the time the meeting or trade show is being held, if the meeting or trade show is not open to the public, is being organized or produced by a tobacco related business or a professional association for convenience stores and involves the display of tobacco products. An example would be a cigar convention that organizes high quality cigar humidors and smoking may be a necessary act to convince individuals.

Be aware that city, county or town governments may enact tougher, more restrictive laws against smoking and the use of tobacco products if they so choose. Remember also, even if an establishment allows you to smoke or use tobacco in a tobacco free or smoke free area, you are still in violation of the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act and you may be subject to applicable penalties.

Whitney Mesa Recreation Area Expansion and Revamp

On Feburary 7th, 2014, we, at Pace Industries built the Whitney Mesa Recreation Area, and we’re pleased to be honored with the prestigious Award for Excellence in Construction by the Associated Builders and Contractors Chapter. Pace Contracting and Helix Electric were the two biggest components in completing the Whitney Mesa Recreation Area. At Pace, we’re honored to be recognized for our construction skills, innovation, and creativity we use on a daily basis to make wonderful projects come to life. Our team was proud to receive the recognition they deserve for going above and beyond typical expectations in construction.

What The Project Consisted Of

whitney-signageThe Whitney Mesa Recreation Area was a 15.1 million dollar project. It was designed by the JW Zunino Landscape Architecture company, Slater Hanifan Group, and TJK Consulting Engineers. The project has exuberant features such as exhibits honoring the Native American heritage in the City of Henderson (the city which the project was built for), rock restoration, native re-vegetation, and an extensive trail system. Our 38-acre recreation site redid all diminished and destroyed areas of the large 160 acre site. Along with the natural additions, there was modern recreational sites added, such as a customized stone amphitheater for outdoor performances, concrete and asphalt layering, a complex, Olympic BMX course, parking areas, concession buildings, restrooms, a day camp facility, and tennis courts.

This recreation park was built over varying topography, and nicely done to fit the natural area. Pace went further than the contract expected us to by painting screen walls on the mesa cliffs to completely eliminate graffiti. Pace erased damage that was already there prior to construction. To reduce this graffiti, we had to use a number of quality Makita belt sanders we bought online to complete the job within the time frame allowed.

The project brought many challenges for us to face, including us stumbling upon unexpected sources of underground water, which eventually led us to work with engineers to clear the new amphitheater of water that had flooded into it and redesign the area to fit the unexpected, underground water pockets. A stream had to be damned and blocked in order to form a trail.

The stream was originally thought to be seasonal, but when we discovered that it wasn’t, the trails flooded. Flooding was a very common occurrence during the building of the Whitney Mesa Recreation Area. Adjustments had to be made throughout the entire building process.

“The Whitney Mesa’s beauty has been maintained even throughout the construction of the new recreational park. The Whitney Mesa Recreational Park preserves the natural beauty and integrity of Whitney Mesa.” Henderson City Manager Ronald Jacobs stated.
The funding for the Whitney Mesa Recreational Park was provided by the Bureau of Land Management.

The website we located the belt sanders for the big part of the job was which gave an awesome breakdown of the top ones to choose from. Finding the right power tools to complete a job was instrumental in getting the job done in a quick manner. Interviewing and hiring top performers was also important because we wanted workers who are motivated and dedicated to getting the job done.


O J Simpson Lawyers to Resubmit Appeal

It’s been years since we last heard about O J Simpson; and now the media is covering other developments and issues regarding his conviction on the robbery case of 2008. Simpson’s lawyers have already submitted their appeal for a new trial to the Nevada Supreme Court. But a revision of said document is requested to be re-submitted this June.

Looking Back at the Robbery Case

O J SimpsonAs we all know, O J Simpson was found guilty on the robbery case which happened in 2008. It involved some sports memorabilia which O J was found guilty of stealing from a sports memorabilia dealer along with other armed men. Although O J admitted to being in the crime scene and that he took certain objects, he pleaded not guilty as to being armed. In fact, he also said that the items in question belonged to him.

Nevertheless, the case went on and evidences pointed to the fact that O J is indeed guilty of the crime. That’s why he was sentenced to imprisonment for 9 up to 33 years. This time, however, his lawyers want the decision of the lower court to be reversed, that’s why they’re submitting an appeal.

The Murder Trial – Does it Have Something to Do With It?

Who can forget about O J Simpson’s murder trial? It was a crime that’s both shocking and controversial. It went on and on and a lot of evidences seem to show that OJ indeed killed his wife and an acquaintance. A lot of people were shocked by the result as Simpson was acquitted and not found guilty of the heinous crime.

And then there was this armed robbery case which was quickly resolved and O J was found guilty. Aside from the evidences, some people say that the verdict had something to do with O J’s reputation. And if this is the case, that means that the conviction was not fair.

O J Serving Time in Prison

When O J Simpson was found guilty of committing a crime (robbery) he was sentenced 9 to 33 years of imprisonment. He’s now serving time for about 6 years, but he’s qualified to apply for parole when he has already served 9 years in prison. O J is 66 years old now, and if he’s going to serve the full 33 years, that’s like giving him a life sentence too.

Again, there are some controversies about O J’s time in prison. Some say that it’s like serving time for the murder case too. And in a sense, it seems quite true, don’t you think?

Resubmission of Appeal

O J’s lawyers really took the time to come up with a detailed appeal in an attempt to reverse the lower court’s ruling as to O J’s conviction. Sources say that a 20,000-word document was submitted to the Nevada Supreme Court; but a request to reformat it has been issued by said governing body.

The world now stands in suspense again as to what will happen to O J Simpson. Before all these murder and robbery cases, Simpson was a well-respected and well-loved man. He was a famous football player and he also became a news announcer. That’s why some people just can’t help but feel sorry for him.

What happened to O J Simpson? Maybe only O J himself can answer that question as he is the only one accountable for his life and decisions.

Henderson Shooting Motive Still a Mystery

These days, it seems that shooting incidences are becoming more and more common. And it’s no longer surprising to hear that someone, young or old, went on a rampage or a shooting spree in a public place. Such is the case of the Henderson shooting incident which remains a mystery to this day.

Let’s take a closer look at this event and see if it relates somehow to similar cases of shooting incidences. In this particular scenario, we have an old man in his 60s who is apparently a gun lover and aficionado as he has hundreds of guns in his possession. And he even had shooting trophies in his house.

If the guy didn’t try to hurt anyone, he would still be living in his house, alive and unharmed. But on one sunny day, he just went berserk, rode on his motorcycle with his gun, and went on a shooting rampage on a busy street. He even shot at the police.

What Happened to the Henderson Man?

Henderson ShootingNo one really knows what triggered the guy to suddenly shoot on people on a fine morning. Perhaps, he was having a bad day. Or maybe, he’d been having a lot of bad days and decided that this is the day when he’d let it all out.

Fortunately, the Las Vegas Police responded quickly and was able to contain the situation before it got worse. No one else got hurt, except for the gunman himself, and he was shot to death.

Did the Police Have a Choice?

It would have been good if the shooter was brought in alive and questioned as to his behavior. But the police didn’t really have a choice but to bring the man down because he was shooting at them too. And remember, this guy was an expert with guns, so he would have injured or killed members of the police force if he was allowed to freely shoot at them just so they could preserve his life.

The Issue With Guns

It can make you wonder why this guy had so many guns in his possession. Reports said that he had a total of 180 guns, which is a lot for a normal citizen. What made him hoard such a large number of guns? And are these all legal and licensed? How could someone get away with that?

Because of today’s situation, it is quite normal to own guns for self preservation and protection. In fact, almost every household now own guns to protect themselves and their families. But really, the application and renewal for gun licenses should really be properly regulated and controlled. Only law abiding citizens and those with good records should be allowed to possess guns as these weapons can really prove to be dangerous when placed in the hands of the wrong people.

Responsible Owners of Guns

We see it again and again how mentally unstable people can hurt others with the use of guns. That’s why there should be tests and evaluations before people are allowed to keep guns. Moreover, owners of guns should also be careful about gun storage as there are also incidences wherein other members of the family can get to a gun and harm themselves and others with it.

All of these things can contribute to a bad society and a dangerous living situation; and we don’t want that. That’s why awareness, proper vigilance, and responsible ownership of guns ought to be implemented.

Marijuana Business in Nevada – Is It For Real?

This is interesting news – is Nevada really allowing marijuana business? We all know that marijuana is a dangerous drug; and that it has long been abused by drug addicts all over the world. But if we keep our eyes and minds open, maybe we’ll find the legalization of marijuana beneficial after all.

Marijuana has a bad reputation since it is one of the most abused substances. But recent studies show that this plant or herb actually has a lot of benefits when used properly. Now it is linked to the treatment of diseases like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer. Moreover, it has also been found to be an effective pain reliever when a patient is suffering from a debilitating disease such as AIDS.

Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana LegalizationWhen you look at these benefits, it will make you appreciate marijuana and its possible benefits to the medical industry. And it is precisely because of this why Nevada is now legalizing the use of this herb for medicinal purposes. In fact, other states have already legalized medicinal marijuana so as to help patients who are suffering from different types of diseases. If more researches can be conducted openly as to the use of this drug, it can indeed help a lot of people.

So this August, applications for marijuana businesses for medicine will be accepted and reviewed by authorized agencies in Nevada. This will allow companies to perform more detailed studies about this drug so as to effectively test its results to humans. Medical practitioners will also be allowed to prescribe the use of this drug to their patients.

Cultivation of Marijuana

Even the cultivation of marijuana will now become legal; but property owners are also required to submit authorization letters and licenses for this. In spite of being legal, substance abuse is still not recommended and tolerated because this drug also has known negative side effects. And we all know about that.

Let’s just hope that the legalization of this plant will not lead to more substance abuse; because if that happens, then the whole point of benefitting from this drug can be dampened by the negative issues that can arise from it. That’s why the medical field should still be careful with the dispensing and prescription of this drug so as to avoid any form of abuse.

Is It Worth It?

If it’s really true that Marijuana can indeed help patients who are suffering from serious diseases like AIDS and cancer, then we can say that the legalization of this herb is sensible and practical. Such types of diseases can really be debilitating and painful; and any type of pain relief is really welcome as most people don’t respond to ordinary pain relievers when affected by these types of diseases.

As for its effects on other illnesses and ailments such as diabetes, nerve problems, and even mental issues, more studies are required. And we can only hope that marijuana legalization will allow scientists and doctors to test the herb efficiently to come up with solid and conclusive reports.

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, we can only hope that joint efforts and researches will lead into new discoveries that will benefit the whole world. After all, it’s logical to think that marijuana is only dangerous when it’s not used properly. But if used the right way, it carry helpful health healing properties like other herbal plants.